Vehicle Tracking and Recovery

Fleet Management System

Web based platform

No annoying software installations and updates.
We frequently add new features and enhancements that is immediately available to you.

Easy access

Easy access from anywhere in the world, from any smart phone, tablet or PC.

User friendly

Self explanatory system and easy to navigate.

Eyes on your fleet 24/7

Know where your fleet is every minute of the day and night.


Live Tracking

See all your vehicles live as they move around on the map


Download the logbook as per SARS required format for any period, edit, add, remove, or change any of the entry's


Setup you own SMS/email alerts for example Speeding, Geo-fence breach, Time Curfew etc.


Summary, detailed, monthly, SARS logbook. showing distances /time traveled, max speed, fuel consumption


You can for example monitor when your vehicles cargo door is opened or cargo temperature etc


Setup any Geo-fence, and get instant SMS/email when your vehicle enters /exits the fence

Time Curfews

Setup time curfews, and get an instant SMS/email when your vehicle starts or moves outside the set times


We offer top vehicle recovery service, 24 hours around the clock

Demo Login

Here is a demo account you can log into and play around with to see how it works
User name: Protelematics
Password: Protelematics Login Here!


Here are a few screen captured images for you to see and get a visual idea of how it works

Ground armed response team

Over 150 points of presence in south Africa alone, and we cover as far as Tanzania

Tactical and Air Support

Professional tactics team together with our air support makes it almost imposable to escape

Control Room

Well trained Staff monitors all devices 24 hours a day

Live Tracking

Showing all your vehicles live on one map

Live Tracking

Showing which vehicles are moving and which are stationary
Different bread crumb colors so you can instantly see the speeds traveling

Live Tracking

Here you can see your vehicles status
Device battery, Vehicle Battery, GSM and GPS signal strength etc.

Daily Logbook

Showing all the trips for the day
Distance, Odometer, Maximum speed

Customize your own

Add Fuel and maintenance costs, etc.

Go to Live tracking

Just click on the last trip map

Go to Live Tracking

See as your device progresses on the map

Speed indication

See the speed traveling by colors

Speeding alert

Setup your own Speeding alert to receive an SMS/ email when a vehicle is traveling over the set limit

Geographical fence alert

Here you can setup multiple geo-fences to alert you if a vehicle travels in or out of the set aria

Time Curfew alert

You may setup different times in which vehicles are allowed to travel


Select your date range and report

Summary Report

All the details on one page

SARS Daily Report

This report format is as SARS requires

What will it cost?

There are two pricing structures to chose from;

1) R245.00 per month on a 36 month contract, no unit cost
2) R159.00 per month, unit cost R1450.00

Startup R130.00 Installation R300.00

To order.... simply contact us below and we will send you a quotation with all the details you need

Get in Touch

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